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Shrink Pro 10


The all new British designed heat shrink gun has arrived! Cost-effective but still designed with safety and ease of use in mind.

  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use to eliminate operator fatigue
  • Light ,smooth and fast shrinking , with stainless steel integral heat shield
  • Low maintenance and running costs

Provided in the kit:

  • Supplied in its own foam lined carrying case complete with the following items to allow you to have everything you require in one easy to transport item.
  • 8 meters {26ft} hose
  • 1 regulator valve
  • 1 spare piezo igniter
  • 2 spanners
  • 1 bottle of lubricating oil
  • 1 operating instructions
  • 1 Health and safety leaflet.
  • 1 12 months parts warranty.
Technical Data

  • Fuel Propane Vapour
  • Fuel normally in industrial bottle (various sizes)
  • Ignition Piezo crystal
  • Gas Pressure: 3.5bar (50psi)
  • Heat output: 40Kw (136, 480 BTU/hr)
  • Gas consumption: 2881g/hr

The basic principle of shrink-wrapping is quite simple. The item to be wrapped is covered with low-density polythene film and then, on application of heat from the Shrink Pro 10, the film shrinks and tightens to protect the product. Shrink-wrapping guarantees that your products will reach your customers in the best possible condition.

With its superior engineering the Shrink Pro 10 has been designed with a wide range of film types, thicknesses and applications in mind.

The advanced aerodynamics of the Shrink Pro 10 give a wide and even disbursement of heat which means faster shrink rates and a constant transfer of heat, minimising hot spots.

Even though our Shrink Pro 10 heat shrink gun is the lowest priced on the market, it still delivers the quality and durability you would expect.

It has a stay-cool guard, ergonomic handle and is safe and easy to use – the flame is never in contact with the nozzle, which stays cool and thus avoids any risk of burning. The flame fans out to cover a large area making the shrink process quick and easy.

Shrink Pro 10 shrinks consistently and uniformly, which means that thinner less expensive film can be used. Shrink Pro 10 is completely portable and handheld, with no electrical connections, and weighing only 1.3kg it can easily be carried to any location, any job, inside or out! The system comes supplied with a full one-year warranty covering all parts and labour.


Shrink Pro Dual

The Shrinkpro Dual heat shrink gun, as its name suggests, is a twin headed model with a competition beating output of 80KW [272960BTU] specifically designed for large area applications such as Boats, Buildings, Packaging etc.

The Duals design is unique. As well as industry standard safety features and a polycarbonate body, it has been ergonomically designed for ease of use and handling.

The overall weight of this unit is remarkably light at just 2 kgs. The design incorporates an integral Velcro wrist strap to aid continuous use and ease fatigue. The Dual offers extremely good value for money compared to its closest industry competitors.

Ergonomically designed and incorporating an integral Velcro strap to ease potential operator fatigue Lightweight, Smooth and fast shrinking capability with stainless steel integral heat shield.

Supplied in its own carrying case complete with the following items:

  • 8 meters of BS certified gas hose
  • 1 Premier Regulator
  • 2 Spanners
  • 2 Spare piezo igniter
  • 1 Bottle of lubricating oil
  • 1 Gauntlets (safety gloves)
  • 1 Operating instructions
  • 1 12 Month parts warranty card
  • 1 Pair Safety Glasses


Technical Data

  • Fuel – Propane vapour
  • Fuel – In various sized bottle
  • Ignition – Piezo crystas
  • Gas Pressure – 3.75 bar 52.5 psi
  • Heat output – 80kw (272960btu)
  • Gas Consumption – g/hr


Shrink Pro Revolution

The All New British Designed Revolution Heat Shrink Gun.

The Revolution is a unique model designed for high/low or awkward load applications and has an output of 40kw (136480BTU/hr).

This model is a cost effective solution with low maintenance and running costs.

  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use to reduce potential operator fatigue
  • The Polycarbonate body is both impact and chemical resistant
  • The Revolution is constructed with a stainless / chromium plated integral heat shield and to maximize durability, all external parts are made using the same stainless / chromium plate
  • The design incorporates an integral Velcro wrist strap to aid continuous use and ease fatigue

Supplied in its’ own robust carrying case complete with the following items:

  • 8 meters of BS certified gas hose
  • 1 Premium Regulator
  • 2 Spanners
  • 1 Spare Piezo Igniter
  • 1 Bottle lubricating oil
  • 1 pair Gauntlets (Safety gloves)
  • 1 Pair safety Glasses
  • 1 Health and Safety Guidelines & User Guide
  • 1 12 months parts warranty card.


Technical Data

  • Fuel – Propane Vapor
  • Fuel – Normally supplied in industrial bottles (various sizes)
  • Ignition – Piezo Crystal
  • Gas Pressure – 3.5 bar (50psi)
  • Heat output – 40 kw (136480btu)
  • Gas Consumption – 2881g/hr.


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