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Paper and Plastic Slitting


Kraft, mandini, masking paper, panelbeater paper, butcher paper, newsprint bundles, newsprint end-reels, paper bags, tar kraft.

Kraft, brown, mandini Paper

Kraft, brown paper, mandini and most other wrapping is manufactured as a stock item. These are ideal for parcel wrapping, filler or as a cover to protect against scratching or marking.

We also re-wind gloss and panel beater paper to around +/- 50 Kg reel ends. This makes masking light work without having to move jumbo reels around all day.

These panel beater reels and counter masking paper reels are held as stock and we are able to supply masking paper dispensers on request. These are usually around 835mm / 610mm / 460mm and of a gloss or a bond type paper to prevent the paint staining through.

Butcher, Panel Beater, Endreel

Newsprint counter reels and pre-cut bundles are held in stock and manufactured for ease of handling in the wrapping, packaging and food market. These are ideal for the moving industry and super in the fresh food trade.

News Print Paper

These are available in the following weights and sizes:

7Kg (835 x 450mm)
10Kg (835 x 450mm)
14Kg (1020 x 450mm)
20Kg (1020 x 450mm)

Tar Paper

Tar Kraft

Bitchumized kraft, otherwise known as the tar kraft is used for waterproof applications and is available in three sizes..

990mm x 200m, 760mm x 200m and 1520mm x 200mm


Slitting Machine

Glenpak offers slitting for both plastic adhesive tape and paper reels. (max. Dia of rewindings are 600 mm./ max. Width 1 300mm) Charges are per kilogram.