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Manufacturers of paper bags and print

Glenpak has just launched their new range of manufacture “v” type or “sharp bottom” bags for the fast food, bakery, sweets, pharmaceutical and party industries.

With our new high speed bagging and printing machines, Glenpak has the capacity to produce the single and double layer ‘sharp bottom’ bags. Our highly technical facility produces internationally recognized quality bags to our customer’s specifications and requirements. At up to 800 bags per minute, speed is our creed and with the ability to print jobs of 2 colour as and when required, customer satisfaction is our motto.

Glenpak has acquired not only the latest technical knowledge but also one of the most advanced machines on the market today. With this new design and higher performance machine we are able to convert virtually any paper type; such as kraft paper, greaseproof paper, bond paper, aluminium coated paper and other types of suitable paper at greater and more stable performing speeds.

For more information please contact us to give a quote and costing.

printed grease proof bags printed grease proof bags Brown paper Bag pile of bags

Greaseproof bag manufacturing and sheets

Glenpak has been in the newsprint sheets, and food wrapping industry for well over 30 years..

As a main convertor of newsprint wrapping paper for the food packing, pharmaceutical and clothing industries. Our knowledge of these markets have successfully assisted us to enter the greaseproof paper market smoothly with a positive focus and defined quality.

Due to Glenpak’s desire to produce a much higher virgin quality greaseproof paper bag or greaseproof paper sheet. Glenpak, with the mill, designed a better snow white type but higher graded vinegar resistance greaseproof paper. This was done with the goal to produce a higher quality greaseproof paper bag or sheet using the more expense bleached and vinegar resistant formula that you trust when you see the GPak Gorilla.

Glenpak, can if required print on either newsprint or greaseproof paper types. This being for either the sheets or the “v- paper bag” market.

Glenpaks does produce as a stock item, the Greaseproof GP paper bag ranged. These are commonly known as the GP1, GP2, GP3 and Hotdog Bag. These bag once producted are then wrapped in a thick brown Kraft paper, this is to allow for both the green recycling appeal and better handling strength in both transport and storage.

Pie Bag flat white bags flat white bags

For more information please contact us to give a quote and costing.


Glenpak supplies a wide range of packaging machinery and materials from domestic to heavy duty industrial.

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Glenpak is a manufacturer of (SFK) Single Faced corrugated Board rolls. Ours single faced corrugated board is produced to a high firm quality and its strength has received compliments due to our flame treated paper firming technology. With Glenpak's checked and approved quality and equally appealing prices this will bring a smile to your face. Let Glenpak's corrugated rolls protect your heavier furniture such as, tables, pianos, chairs, lamps, sculptures, etc. With Our bubblewrap to wrap and protect and our "AIR SLEEVE®" bags to cushion your product we will help put your mind at ease. Let us help protection your extremely delicate and valuable company and private items.

Roll Flute (SFK) Packaged SFK Roll

New Rejected/Used boxes

cardboard boxes

Glenpak has a wide range of quality low cost packaging cartons, including used/reject and redundant cartons and boxes. At any given time, Glenpak carries over 200 tons of boxes and our selection varies from large to small sizes. These are ideal for a low cost alternative for bulk packing for transport or storage.

Double wall corrugated boxes

double wall corrugeted box

Single wall corrugated boxes

single wall corrugeted box