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Everybody's asking "What is an AIRSLEEVE®"

The Airsleeve packaged and ready to go The new innovative packaging concept has created quite a buzz particularly at the 2013 Propak Africa Show where the revolutionary product was launched. With its multi-layered nylon impregnated polypropylene protective layers to its patented non-return valve, the future of mass packaging of high end products will never be the same again.

Brandon Restall the brain child behind the new wonder product has remained surprisingly calm during the launch and subsequent success of the inflatable security sleeve. When asked what the future held for such an extraordinary product he replied, "I was only doing my job."

Quick to use and highly durable "AIRSLEEVE®" will wrap your product in a bubble of safety even during the most systematic of distribution processes. As well as improving your companies distribution procedure by up to three times "AIRSLEEVE®" is surprisingly well priced, making it an all round appealing packaging alternative for any distribution manager.

With our range of custom made carton boxes which have been specially designed for each "AIRSLEEVE®" size, we offer a quick and easy solution to getting your products from the factory floor and into your customer’s hands, no mess, no fuss.

So if you’re serious about saving time, reducing breakages and saving money then contact GlenPak cc because "AIRSLEEVE®" was developed with you in mind.

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Glenpak supplies a wide range of packaging machinery and materials from domestic to heavy duty industrial.

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Glenpak is a manufacturer of (SFK) Single Faced corrugated Board rolls. Ours single faced corrugated board is produced to a high firm quality and its strength has received compliments due to our flame treated paper firming technology. With Glenpak's checked and approved quality and equally appealing prices this will bring a smile to your face. Let Glenpak's corrugated rolls protect your heavier furniture such as, tables, pianos, chairs, lamps, sculptures, etc. With Our bubblewrap to wrap and protect and our "AIR SLEEVE®" bags to cushion your product we will help put your mind at ease. Let us help protection your extremely delicate and valuable company and private items.

Roll Flute (SFK) Packaged SFK Roll

New Rejected/Used boxes

cardboard boxes

Glenpak has a wide range of quality low cost packaging cartons, including used/reject and redundant cartons and boxes. At any given time, Glenpak carries over 200 tons of boxes and our selection varies from large to small sizes. These are ideal for a low cost alternative for bulk packing for transport or storage.

Double wall corrugated boxes

double wall corrugeted box

Single wall corrugated boxes

single wall corrugeted box