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General Packaging Products

General Products

Gumboots, first aid kits, paper, safety shoes, industrial work gloves, overalls and dustcoats, rainsuits, dust masks, cloth rags, cutter combo (strapping/box opener).

Glenpak offers a selection of both industrial and general work clothing and outfits to suite your needs.

Items such as boots, shoes, gloves and general coats are easy to order per your size requirements.

Superior packaging Manufactured by Glenpak


What is an AIRSLEEVE® The new innovative packaging concept has created quite a buzz particularly at the 2013 Propak Africa Show where the revolutionary product was launched. With its multi- layered nylon impregnated polypropylene protective layers to its patented non-return valve, the future of mass packaging of high end products will never be the same again.
Quick to use and highly durable "AIRSLEEVE®" will wrap your product in a bubble of safety even during the most systematic of distribution processes. As well as improving your companies distribution procedure by up to three times “AIRSLEEVE®” is surprisingly well priced, making it an all round appealing packaging alternative for any distribution manager.
With our range of custom made carton boxes which have been specially designed for each “AIRSLEEVE®” size, we offer a quick and easy solution to getting your products from the factory floor and into your customer’s hands, no mess, no fuss.

  1. Airsleevestep 1

    1. Empty Airsleeve® bag ready for product

  2. Airsleevestep 2

       2. Place product in bag

  3. Airsleevestep 3

    3. Insert air nozzle into Valve

  4. Airsleevestep 4

       4. Place hand on top of bag

  5. Airsleevestep 5

    5. Inflate bag until firm

Goods are now protected and ready to be sofely shipped

Protective Packaging
Bubble Wrap

Bubblewrap, self-seal bubble bags, anti-static bubble bags (made on request), aerothene, anti- static bubble pack, corrugated board (SFK rolls), cushion kraft, shredded paper, wood wool, cardboard postal tubes, polystyrene chips, corner protectors (corrugated), padded and bubble padded envelopes, blankets (grey).

To protect your product from scratches, bangs or knocks you need to pad your product with a strong and durable medium. Glenpak offers a selection of packing from bubble wrap and cushion kraft (air wrap) to polystyrene chips and different types of shredded and packaging paper for a cheaper and safer move.

For heavier items like furniture and precious large items, single face corrugated board is ideal for a strong rugged protection.

Shredded Paper
Shredded Paper

Shredded Paper is perfect for packaging glass and other ceramic items, and makes for quick and solid protection against damages, from dropping and falling.

Corro-shredd is a 100% recycled product that is not only cheaper than bubble pack fillers, but can be cut to any sheet size below 400mm width. The product can be run into continuous rolls or pre-cut sheets to suit your box, bag or wooden crate requirements. Unlike Polystyrene chips,
Corro-Shredd does not in anyway damage our enviroment during production and can be recycled with ease. Corro-Shredd is produced from a 100% recycled board and is commenly sold in (400mm x 600mm) sheets sizes. However we do manufacture to certain specifations depending on quantilty ordered.


Some of Corro-Shedds uses:

Ceramic pot divider, garden pot dividers, plate seperator, product seperator, padding for fragile or heavy goods, space fille, padding (under blankets) for animals or as disposible animal blankets, between below and around bottles.


Wood Wool
Wood Wool

"Wood wool" or fine wood slivers offer a more aesthetic solution and is ideal for health and beauty products to give that "back to nature" feel while still maintaining a soft protective cushion It is also ideal for air-conditioning and ventilation packing. Thickness of wood wool may vary depending on use:

Eg. Air conditioners / Lobster packing / Crayfish packaging

Blankets and other types of protection are available on request for protecting and covering items.

Sleeves, foam pack & couch covers

Tamper-proof shrink sleeving, promotional sleeves, decorative sleeving, sleeve labels, foam packaging, padded couch covers, mattress bags

These items can all be supplied on request.

As pallet sizes vary please supply the dimensions ( L X B X H) and microns needed for sleeving.

Glenpak also carries stock of Single,Double,Queens, or King size Mattress Covers. These are also ideal for moving or covering large couches during storage between moves or during moves, but most of all it ensures your furniture stays clean, dry and in great condition.

Glenpak also supplies zip bags and standard size virgin bags on order.


Cotton, polypropylene, sisal, cutter knives and blades, rubber bands, marking pens.

There is such a large selection of ropes, twines and strings to choose from. Glenpak is able to supply most types on quantity requests, however we specialize in industrial twine and rope.

We are also able to supply most of your stationary needs. Please note that delivery fee will be charged on small orders.

Please enquire about minimuim order amount.

Hot Melt Glue Guns

Hot melt adhesives, high output and lightweight.

We offer a selection of Hot Melt Glue Guns for quick box sealing, solid joining of decorative items or just for general electrical or household repairs.

These are easy to use, light and very portable. The re/fills are conveniently sized and simple to load. So if you need an industrial gun for high volume sealing or just a glue gun fore around the home.

Please advise the intended use for the heat seal gun as this will help us to assist in ensure that we supply you with the right product.

Packaging Machines

Automatic strapping machines, carton taping machines, semi-auto strapping machine, stretch wrap machine, shrink-wrap machine, ladders, trolleys, pallet truck, scales.

Glenpak imports a variety of packaging machinary/machines for most packaging applications. Prices are however subject to rate of exchange fluctuations.

Glenpak sells high quality strapping machines and has a service back up for your machine maintenance needs. We carry a range of makes and models and from time to time, have great, second hand machines for a more cost effective option.

On new Semi-Auto and Fully-Automatic strapping machine we also offer a service contract. We also have price slashing specials on Poly Woven Strapping. Ask us for more information.

We import a range of quality pallet wrapping machines for high volume wrapping and quick wrap runs.

For trolleys, ladders, pallet jacks and scales: give us your requirements so that we can find the best and most cost effective products to suite your needs.

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